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FMS At A Glance

·   DVD/CD Replication, DVD-5 DVD-9 DVD-10 and Blu-Ray, mini discs
·   USB and LCD storage devices and players in custom shaped cases and packaging
·   Offset / Web Printing and packaging for retail, corporate, and commercial work
·   Top line promotional and incentive products, custom branded apparel
·   Manufacturing of metal, rubber and plastic items
·   Rapid prototyping VIA 3/D printing (SLA, SLS and FDM) or CNC machining
·   Offset and screen printed DVD/CD direct disc printing, unique coding
·   Custom packaging, custom corrugated products
· Aggressive pricing structures, quick turn times and on time deliveries
·   Efficient and quality conscious production methods
·   Confident, courteous and trustworthy customer first service

We offer over 30 years of disc, print, manufacturing and multimedia experience to our current customers and would like to do the same for you!

At FullCircle Media Solutions we offer DVD/BD/CD and print manufacturing as our core competencies but as our customer’s needs have expanded over the last 13 years so have we. Along with our core manufacturing capabilities we now offer many manufactured goods for incentive and marketing needs, B2B and POP sales presentation and packaging, custom retail products, prototyping and specialty custom manufactured goods. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and superior products while offering competitive pricing.

FullCircle Media Solutions has global CD/DVD/BD (Blu-Ray), USB/LCD, packaging, manufacturing, apparel and print manufacturing capabilities and can offer a price competitive edge for your projects with tight budgets.

Our experience in many different areas of custom manufacturing offers you a full range of products to meet any project requirement. With expanded capacities and capabilities, we are able to provide fast turn-times and on time delivery. We are truly a “Turn Key” provider for many of your custom manufacturing needs.

Whether it's a run of 50 pieces for a board meeting or 2,000,000 pieces for a national advertising campaign or retail distribution, we have the capacity to handle your production demands or custom product manufacturing volumes. We can take your idea or design, prototype it and then provide custom mock-ups or job specific samples for practically any project. Plus, we offer complete printing and packaging services that range from commercial sheet fed, digital or web printing to custom fabrication, retail packaging, assembly and fulfillment.

FullCircle Media Solutions offers high-quality products and services including with superb customer first service as our foundation. We work with suppliers both domestically and internationally to negotiate the lowest prices on top quality print, DVD/CD, audio, video, flash and USB drives, printing, packaging products and premium items for our customers. Our experience in these industrys, buying power, and high annual volume insure great savings for our clients. With FullCircle Media Solutions you get everything you need for your media, marketing and/or retail needs in one convenient place.

Please feel free to contact us VIA email or by phone (414-333-3731) for any specific requests you may have regarding an upcoming project. Maybe we'll have some suggestions to help save you some time and expense in the planning stages of your next project!

Out of the Box

Choosing a Skilled Broker

The two main advantages of seeking a print and packaging broker are experience and versatility. Many times, as a project evolves through the design process, the choice of materials, structure or graphics changes. Often, if working with a single manufacturer, the project can "outgrow" the manufacturer's expertise or equipment capabilities. An experienced broker can adapt with the evolution of the project and simply access the manufacturer that best suits the project. Longstanding relationships with multiple manufacturers give the broker strength and influence in getting the job done at the right price and within the required timeframe.

Using a broker instead of a manufacturer means you are not tied to one specific manufacturing plant or specific methods of production.

As an experienced independent thinker, a broker will make the customer's needs the priority, and if necessary, provide solutions from a combination of sources to meet those needs. The same solutions are often harder to achieve from a single manufacturer with limited capabilities. Using a broker instead of a manufacturer means you are not tied to one specific manufacturing plant or specific methods of production. Brokers or print management services companies (a friendlier term) have a distinct advantage in that way can rely on a network of suppliers to fit the application, and not the other way around.

"From the perspective of someone who has sold under both scenarios, I would say that as a broker I wasn't limited by certain equipment my employer was trying to keep busy. I could focus more on what the customer actually wanted and needed and work with several manufacturers to achieve the desired results. When working directly for the manufacturer, there was more of a tendency to meet certain criteria in terms of the kinds of business we wanted to run through our plant. As a broker, I tended to work with customers who needed more assistance with their whole packaging program and who tend to want someone who was willing to take on some functions that larger companies would internalize," Bob McBride explains.

"When working for the manufacturer, I found that my employer would tend to dictate the amount of time I was allowed to spend providing those kinds of services - not all were overly restrictive in that regard, but some were. As a broker I felt more like I provided a service to customers, whereas working for the manufacturer the emphasis was more on moving as much product as possible. My specific market was small to medium size users. Back when I was brokering I found that wandering too far out of that market put me at a competitive disadvantage, as pricing became more of a priority. That seems to be changing a bit in some regards, as more offshore sources become available to brokers," adds McBride.

Source: "Al Bogocius's Blog - Print/Pack | Broker vs. Direct"